Sunday, December 16, 2012

Diabolical Tales Trilogy Soundtrack Compilation!

For those of you existing in the digital-download-realm of music purchasing, I've been making my compositions available from a variety of films and projects at Bandcamp.  You can purchase music there from me and also all of the Cthulhu/Loveacraft oriented music is available for digital download or CD at HPLHS's store.

The most recent release is a 3-cd soundtrack trilogy for the Diabolical Tales series that I composed betwen 2005-2007.  More information can be viewed at:

Information on the series is as follows:

Diabolical Tales is a six-part, sci-fi/comedy short film series produced by Cosmic Control Productions. Each film follows the continuing adventures of the heroic FBI Agent Cooper (played by Brian Bedell) and his efforts to save the United States from evil men from within the earth. The series presents a fictional alternate history based around conspiracy theories that involves some notable figures from the recent world history, yet has very tongue-in-cheek dry humor based partly around the low-budget limitations the series was obviously produced with.
Diabolical Tales was written, edited and directed by Brandon Kane, and produced by Kane and Don Gerron. The original score is by Troy Sterling Nies. The sound design is by James T. Rieder. The visual effects and animation is by Don Gerron. The first three of the six installments were filmed simultaneously. Diabolical Tales: Part I has a running length of 42 minutes and was completed in 2005. Diabolical Tales: Part II has a running length of 47 minutes and was completed in August 2007. Diabolical Tales: Part III runs 54 minutes and was completed in September 2007.
Inspired by low-budget sci-fi films, comic books, and fantasy pulp fiction of the 1950s, Diabolical Tales: Part I, Genesis of the Men From Within The Earth, is set in November 1952 just days after the first secret tests of the H-bomb. Rookie FBI Agent Cooper and his partner Agent Thompson are on a stakeout when they encounter a mysterious man dressed in a black cloak. Minutes later, Agent Thompson has been vaporized by the villain's "electro-incinerator" and Agent Cooper has been stunned unconscious. He is teamed up with a cryptic US government agent known only as Operative-132 who works for the newly formed National Security Agency. Together they set out to put the stops on the evil Zong, a saboteur who hails from an ancient, hidden underground empire called Agartha.
Diabolical Tales: Part II is set in December 1954, two years after the events of Diabolical Tales: Part I. A group of evil hench-women, led by the partially deaf arch-villain Zerg (Sparky Schneider), are sent up from their underground fiefdom to capture the Sapphire of Agartha, a mystical relic that was stolen and handed over to heroes Agent Cooper (Brian Bedell) and Operative-132 (Mike Larose).
Diabolical Tales: Part III is set in July 1955, and picks up with Agent Cooper as his wife Kate (Rachel Knutton) is kidnapped. Meanwhile, the evil men from within the earth, this time led by the cunning and maniacal Zerrath (Brian Van Kay), launch a two-pronged attack against the 'surface-dwellers' in an effort to retrieve the still-missing Sapphire of Agartha and conquer the world. The events that unfold will solidfy Agent Cooper's destiny.