Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Losing an Icon: R.I.P. Richard Wright

Pink Floyd was and always will be my favorite band.  My dad raised me on a number of bands while I was young including Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, Yes, Tangerine Dream, Moody Blues and many others.  Pink Floyd always impressed me the most.  Through my years of musical development, playing in rock bands and the like, it was Pink Floyd that also inspired me most.  Rick Wright was my keyboard hero through highschool and college and into present day.  Of course, Rick Wakeman was also high on the list, but Mr. Wright always mesmerized me with his choice of sounds, keyboards use of piano and so on throughout the albums.  Probably my most favorite tunes by Floyd also include Rick Wright singing lead or sharing lead with Waters or Gilmour.  The tune that immediately comes to mind is 'Echoes'.  His voice always added a very day-dream-esque quality which I believe help define their signature sound.  

When I learned of his passing, I immediately had to listen to some Floyd and I must admit, shed some tears.  

A friend of mine and I had always hoped to see Pink Floyd in concert.  When they held their Division Bell tour, we did everything we could to attend and eventually secured two second row tickets for their concert in Minneapolis (1995?).  I may not remember the date clearly, but I will never forget the concert and doubt I will see another concert remotely of the same magnitude.  

Over the years that followed, I was pleasantly surprised to see Wright's solo album 'Broken China' and his later appearances with David Gilmour in concert and his recent album, 'On an Island'.  Wright sings backup (and is easily heard) on the tunes on the hammond 'On an Island' and 'The Blue' (hammond and vocals).  Both of which give me chills.

And then, ultimately - when all hope of Pink Floyd reuniting had all but vanished, they appeared on stage for Live 8 - I watched - stunned - and then wept with join as they played.  And now, as I write this and think of Mr. Wright's passing - I'm finding it harder and harder to hold back the tears and vanquish the lump in my throat.

Wright had recently completed touring with Gilmour on his 'On an Island' tour - I just picked up the 2 disc CD and am holding off to listen to it until I have a blocked-out uninterrupted chunk of time.  Yes, I take listening to anything Pink Floyd or incarnations thereof that seriously.  As the 2 disc cd release has every song from 'On an Island' and many of Pink Floyd's earlier tunes - I am looking forward to hearing it a great deal.

According to some sources, Wright was working on an album and there's a possibility of it being released in instrumental form.  I will most certainly purchase this.  I'm assuming Guy Pratt (bassist for Pink Floyd projects after Waters exit) will have a large hand in it as he is married to Wright's daughter, Gala.  

I owe a great deal to Mr. Wright.  His part in Pink Floyd has greatly influenced me throughout my creative and waking life.  There are few artists in this world that I feel have actually improved  my quality of life.  It may not be a physical thing that can be measured, but many a moment in life has been underscored and enhanced by the sound of Pink Floyd and Rick Wright's ethereal keyboard presence.

Thank you Mr. Wright.  I'll miss you.

Richard Wright (28 July 1943 - 15 September 2008)

Quotes from the members of Pink Floyd in regards to Wright's passing are listed below:
(from wiki)

Also - on Sept. 23, 2008 David Gilmour played Pink Floyd's 1968 song, 'Remember a Day' - in memory of Richard Wright.  It is notable that this piece had never been performed live before:

Thursday, September 04, 2008

In Search of Lovecraft world premiere at H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival!

I've just received word that IN SEARCH OF LOVECRAFT, a feature film that I scored last year, will receive it's world premiere at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival.  The festival is in Portland, Oregon at the Historic Hollywood Theater.  More information on the festival and tickets are available at the link above.  I'm in the process of finalizing the film score CD to be available for purchase at the festival.  I'll be happy to sign your purchased copy at the festival!  See you there!